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Research Projects or Groups

These funds offer the opportunity to build up an independent research group, under the umbrella of DARK, and the awards can range between 3M and 50M kroner in total.  Usually salaries for the Principal Investigator, post docs, PhD students, as well as computing, travel and other expenses are supported.

DARK offers significant support in the preparation of applications.

Horizon 2020 : European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) program supports larger, 5-year projects at a world class level. DARK currently hosts one ERC Consolidator Grant (Sune Toft).  There are three types of ERC grants:

-ERC Starting Grant for talented researchers with 2-7 years of experience, in the beginning of their career. 
-ERC Consolidators' with 7-12 years of experience post PhD. 
-ERC Advanced Grant is targeted experienced researchers.

Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU) - Projects and Groups

FNU supports independent researchers' projects, 3-5 years.  DARK currently host 2 major projects from FNU (Research Project 2 and YDUN), led by Marianne Vestergaard and Lise Christensen, respectively.

Danish National Research Foundation

Funding for up to 10 years to establish a research center of excellence. If you are interested in developing a major project of this kind, contact us for more information about these possibilities.


The Villum Foundation supports a Young Investigators' program with 3-5 years of funding for salary, PhD students and post docs, as well as computing and travel.  Early September deadline.

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