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Individual post doc support

The following funds support 1-3 years of funding for salary, in most cases, also for travel, computing and other expenses.

Marie Curie

DARK has hosted several recipients of Marie Curie (MC) Fellowships.  These 2-year grants support salary (at a rate of 20-50% higher than a normal post doc salary!), travel and computing.  MC Fellows require a senior scientist-in-charge at DARK.  There are MC programs for post docs moving within Europe or moving to Europe from a non-EU country.  Recent MC Fellows at DARK include: Daniel Perley, Thomas Krühler, Sebastian Hönig, Jesús Zavala, Marianne Vestergaard and Lise Christensen.  Marie Curie Fellowship deadlines are typically August/September; decisions are communicated later in the fall.

Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU)

FNU supports 1-3 year post doc funding, including salary, travel and computing, and smaller projects.  Individual post doc and Sapere Aude programs. 2 deadlines annually, fall (projects, post docs and elite programs) and spring (post docs).

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