Master's thesis defense by Diana Juncher – University of Copenhagen

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Master's thesis defense by Diana Juncher

Diana Juncher will defend her Master's thesis Wednesday 31 August 2011 at 10:00 in the DARK lounge.

Title: "Searching for Attractors in Clusters of Galaxies"

Abstract: In this thesis we perform numerical simulations of cluster sized structures containing both gas and dark matter in the search for one or more attractors. We create ten different structures with a wide range of initial conditions and expose them to three different perturbations: perturbations of the dark matter, perturbations of the gravitational constant, and mergers. We use the TreeSPH code GADGET-2 to evolve the structures using both adiabatic simulations and simulations with radiation and star formation.

We find that the Jeans relation for dark matter, which has previously been proven to hold for structures containing only dark matter, holds for the dark matter in clusters as well. Even more interestingly, for the simulations with radiation and star formation, we find a very simple relation between the temperature of the gas and the properties of the dark matter, which holds at radii beyond the central star forming region of about 20kpc.

Finally, we discuss how these attractors can lead to 1) an estimate of the total mass of a cluster of galaxies by observations of its galaxies alone, and 2) an indirect measurement of the dark matter velocity anisotropy in galaxies or galaxy clusters.

You can download the thesis here >>