NOT NTE review meeting – University of Copenhagen

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NOT NTE review meeting

The Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) and Dark Cosmology Centre (DARK) welcome participants for the Phase A Review Meeting for a new NOT instrument project, "The NOT Transient Explorer (NTE)".


Jeppe Andersen , Niels Bohr Institute
Johannes Andersen (NOT Director), Niels Bohr Institute
Michael I. Andersen, Space Science Centre/Niels Bohr Institute
Thomas Augusteijn, NOT
Hans Dekker, European Southern Observatory
Johan Fynbo (Project PI), DARK/Niels Bohr Institute
Avishay Gal-Ram, Tel Aviv
Ariel Goobar, Stockholm
Jens Hjorth, DARK/Niels Bohr Institute
Hans Kjeldsen, Aarhus/NOT Scientific Technical Committee
Seppo Mattila, Turku
Niels Michaelsen, Niels Bohr Institute
Bo Milvang-Jensen, DARK/Niels Bohr Institute
Preben Nørregaard, Niels Bohr Institute
Anton Norup Sørensen, Niels Bohr Institute
Sandro D'Odorico, European Southern Observatory
Corinne Toulouse-Aastrup, DARK/Niels Bohr Institute
Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, Grenada
Darach Watson, DARK/Niels Bohr Institute
Filippo Maria Zerbi, Milano/Merate