PhD Part A exam by Andreas Skielboe – University of Copenhagen

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PhD Part A exam by Andreas Skielboe

DARK's PhD Student, Andreas Skielboe, will present his Part A PhD Exam Friday 18th October 2013 at 14:00 in the DARK Lounge. Andreas' supervisor is Darach Watson.

Title: "Cosmology and The Large Scale Structure of The Universe"


Our understanding of the structure and evolution of the universe has improved remarkably in the past few years. Nevertheless, many funda- mental questions about the formation of structure and the expansion of the universe are still left unanswered. Recent advancements in astronomical surveys are providing new opportunities for studying the large scale structure of the universe in a statistical and systematic manner. By applying and developing these new ideas my work is focussed on some of the most important unaswered questions in physical cosmology; 1) how are clusters of galaxies, the largest gravitationally bound structures, formed and how are they growing and 2) what is the evolution of the expansion of the universe over cosmological time. The rst question I address by using galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to look for signatures of the formation and growth of galaxy clusters, that are left by the anisotropic infall of matter into cluster halos. I thereby present the rst discovered evidence that the dynamics of galaxy cluster formation can be witnessed in the kinematics of its member galaxies. The second question is approached by working on the design of a survey that will employ quasars as standard candles for probing the cosmological expansion of the universe. The addition of quasars to our current compendium of cosmological probes, such as supernovae and baryonic acoustic oscillations, will open a new window for studying the evolution of the cosmos and the nature of dark energy.