Talk by Haley Gomez – University of Copenhagen

Talk by Haley Gomez

Haley Gomez, Cardiff University, will give a talk Tuesday 2 April 2013 at DARK.

Titel: Herschel observations of dusty supernova remnants

Significant dust production in supernovae has been suggested as a
means to account for the "dust budget crisis" in nearby galaxies and
in high redshift sources.  I will present results from the Herschel
Space Observatory of dust emission in the Crab Nebula, a massive-star
Type-II supernova and in the Kepler and Tycho remnants, both type
Type-Ia.   We find no evidence of cold supernova dust in these
canonical Type Ias, yet there is evidence for a cool dust factory in
the Crab Nebula, demonstrating unambiguously that dust forms in the
ejecta of massive star supernovae.  Our recent work with large area
surveys with Herschel suggest that even with this new evidence, the
dust budget crisis remains unsolved.