Talk by Hanno Rein – University of Copenhagen

Talk by Hanno Rein

Hanno Rein, IAS Princeton, will be giving a 2-part talk at the DARK
lounge on Monday 25 February 2013 at 11:00 am.

Part 1:
The formation of multi-planetary systems

The Kepler spacecraft and ground based surveys have found 860 planets
outside our Solar System. Many of them are in multi-planetary system.
These systems are the most interesting ones because they allow us to
place tight constraints on planet formation. I will discuss formation
scenarios for several individual systems discovered by radial
velocity. I then present first results from a new method which can
simulate the formation history of an entire ensemble of planetary
systems such as those discovered by Kepler.

Part 2:
A new approach to astronomical catalogues

Catalogues of stars and other astronomical objects are as old as
astronomy itself. I present a dramatically new approach to managing
astronomical databases. It borrows both the philosophy and tools from
the open source community. I show how one can use the version control
system git and human-readable xml files to construct a catalogue of
all discovered extrasolar planets. It is completely open and
distributed. It allows everyone to correct errors and contribute new