HST Frontier Fields Meeting – University of Copenhagen

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HST Frontier Fields Meeting

DARK is hosting a collaboration meeting 18-20 Feb for the CATS (Clusters As Telescpes) collaboration, with the purpose of preparing proposals in relation to the HST Frontier Fields observational program. 4-6 lensing clusters of galaxies will be observed with HST (and hence, Chandra, Spitzer, ALMA, …) for 140 orbits each (each along with parallel deep fields). Science includes dark matter in clusters, cosmography, (very) high-redshift galaxies, transients, etc. The CATS collaboration is also very open to include new members interested in science with the Frontier Fields. Potentially interested DARKers are welcome to attend the meeting on Monday morning as well as subsequent proposal writing sessions and discussions.

Meeting participants:

Name of participant Affiliation
Andrew Zirm DARK
Ariel Goobar U. Stockholm
Benjamin Clement U. Arizona
Bo Milvang-Jensen DARK
Claudio Grillo DARK
Danuta Paraficz U. Marseille
Darach Watson DARK
David Rapetti DARK
Eiichi Egami U. Arizona
Giorgos Leloudas DARK
Hakim Atek EPFL Switzerland
Ia Kochiashvili DARK
Jean-Paul Kneib EPFL Switzerland
Jens Hjorth DARK
Johan Richard U. Lyon
Kelly Denney DARK
Kristian Finlator DARK
Lise Christensen DARK
Matteo Barnabè DARK
Ole Høst DARK
Priya Natarajan Yale
Radek Wojtak DARK
Sune Toft DARK
Susana Deustua (via Skype) Space Telescope Science Institute