Vernissage by DARK staff – University of Copenhagen

Vernissage by DARK staff

Discover what came out of DARK's staff retreat in Lisbon in November 2012, Creativity and Science: a practical exercice

In Lisbon, we were challenged to develop a plan to realize the biggest, most ambitious or craziest idea. To set the stage, we discussed the science of creativity, the role of nutrition, exercise and meditation on the brain, and supported three phases: Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny.

You can have a look at some of the presentations we had during the retreat, by clicking on this link >>. Our speakers were fantastic and inspiring : Peter Vuust, Enrico Ramirez, Josh Bloom, Steven Allen, Peter Jacobsen.

DARKers have been working on their plan since November, and they are now ready to share with you. For this event, we have invited neuroscientist, Dr. Lone Frank, to give us some insights about brain and personality.

15th March: Program and registration

  • 13:30   Introduction by Jens Hjorth
  • 13:45   Talk by Lone Frank: Exploring the Three Pound Universe
  • 14:45   Q&A Session with Lone Frank
  • 15:15   Vernissage : Poster session on the
                DARK ideas that came out of our

During the vernissage, bubbles, petits-fours and snacks will be served.

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This event takes place at the Lundbeck Auditorium, Ole Maaløes Vej 5,
2200 København N.

Talk by Lone Frank

Exploring the Three Pound Universe
The neuro-revolution is killing off the soul and anchoring everything human in our brain. We are desperately searching for our selves in this inner universe of communicating cells, electrical impulses and biochemistry. 
Science is tearing apart the workings of everything from moral sense and happiness to personality and creativity. Meanwhile, understanding ourselves as "bags of neurons" is becoming the key to changing ourselves.