Talk by Rodrigo Fernandez – University of Copenhagen

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Talk by Rodrigo Fernandez

Speaker: Rodrigo Fernandez, Berkeley

Location, Date and Time: Dark Lounge, Thursday March 27th, 13:00

Title: Nuclear Processes in Accretion Disks from Compact Object Mergers:
an Engine for Electromagnetic Transients

Abstract: The accretion disk that forms after a merger of stellar-mass compact objects (neutron star with another neutron star [NS], white dwarf [WD], or black hole [BH]) can give rise to various electromagnetic transients. Disks from NS-NS/BH mergers drive outflows that carry interesting quantities of neutron-rich material. The radioactive decay of this material gives rise to a near-infrared and/or optical transient, which can aid in the localization of future gravitational wave detections. Disks formed in WD-NS mergers provide the conditions for fusion reactions to become dynamically important, leading to the ejection of nucleosynthetic products. Depending on the physical properties of the system a detonation of the disk could be triggered.  I'll discuss results of hydrodynamic simulations that explore these topics and provide guidance for future investigation.