PhD course: Intro to sub-mm inter- ferometry and science with ALMA – University of Copenhagen

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PhD course: Intro to sub-mm inter- ferometry and science with ALMA

On August 13 - 21, 2014, DARK Associate Professors, Marianne Vestergaard and Lise Christensen, along with Wouter Vlemmings from the Nordic ALMA regional centre (ARC), Chalmers University of Technology) and Sébastien Muller (ARC), will provide a 10-day course on research and observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) with fellow instructors Ivan Marti-Vidal (ARC) and Matthias Maercker (ARC).

The course will provide 2.5 ETCS points for student not participating in the exercises and the exam and 5 ETCS points for students participating in the exercises//project work. 

There is no fee for attending the course, but students coming from outside of Copenhagen will have to cover their own transport and housing costs.  Information on hostel and hotels in Copenhagen here >>.

There is a limited space available; applicants will be confirmed later this spring.

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Course description


  1. Basics of Interferometry: Introduction to sub-mm/radio interferometric observations and data analysis, relevant for observations and research projects with ALMA.
  2. Capabilities and Limitations of sub-mm interferometry: The focus will be on understanding the intricacies of interferometric observations: (a) understanding capabilities (and limitations) are of importance when analyzing data and planning future observations; (b) a basic understanding of the software and the data are important for analyzing the data.
  3. ALMA data reduction and advanced data analysis: introduction to the software packages, such as CASA, used to manipulate and analyze the data.
  4. ALMA status and capabilities: As the ALMA observing procedures as well as CASA are still undergoing changes, the status and known issues of the software and procedures, of interest to users and proposers, will be discussed, it will be important to present and discuss the status and issues that users and proposers should be aware of.
  5. Science with ALMA: the course will include inspirational/motivational talks on science with ALMA, covering both Galactic science, including the important Galactic star formation, extragalactic topics near and far, and cosmology.


The interferometry experts Wouter Vlemmings and Sébastian Muller will provide background reading and lectures on interferometry (possibly on mornings), and will together with Lise Christensen and Marianne Vestergaard run exercises in the afternoon. Exercises will include hands-on tutorials and exercises, including introduction to and use of the data manipulation and analysis software CASA, feasibility calculations and technical computations relevant for proposal preparations, hints on proposal writing, and possibly small science projects.

Several talks on possible science with ALMA covering many subfields of astronomy will be held by Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen (Chalmers University of Technology), and DARK Fellow Julie Wardlow, among others.

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