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A Workshop by the Nordic Network for Early Career Researchers in Astrophysics

Thanks to everyone for a very successful workshop! Here is some of the info from the presentations.

Let us know if you want to add anything.

Life without tenure can be challenging in so many ways.

This lunch-to-lunch workshop will take a look at several topics that can or should concern you, if you are a post-doc. Which career options does an astrophysicist have? What is the best strategy for securing a permanent position? How can I learn to become a better scientist? When can I start a family? Should I stay in academia?

There will be a mixture of talks, moderated discussions and group work. And time for social networking!

We will hear from someone recently getting that permanent hire, someone deeply concerned about university careers and gender, someone from the interface of science and engineering, someone balancing family and career ambitions, someone bringing scientists and potential employers closer, and from each other.

Dates: 18-19 September 2014 (approximately noon through early afternoon)
Place: Copenhagen

This workshop is aimed at post-docs in astrophysics working in the Nordic countries. Applications from late-stage Ph.D. students, post-docs from neighbouring fields, and those based outside the Nordic countries will be considered if there is space.

Registration is closed.  Thanks to our sponsors, there will be no fee but you will have to organise your own travel and accommodation.


  • Curt Rice (Tromsø) - How career paths in academia differ for men and women
  • Sune Toft (Copenhagen) - How I got tenure
  • Kim Nilsson (Pivigo/S2DS) - How to get an industry job
  • Sera Markoff (Amsterdam) - How to apply for money and jobs

Programme, here >>

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