PhD defense by Teddy Fjeldgaard Frederiksen – University of Copenhagen

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PhD defense by Teddy Fjeldgaard Frederiksen

PhD Student Teddy Fjeldgaard Frederiksen will defend his PhD Friday 28 February 2014 in Aud. 6, NBI, HCØ building, Universitetsparken 5. Teddy's supervisor is Professor Jens Hjorth.

Assessment committee:
Associate Professor Maximilian Stritzinger, Aarhus University
Professor Filippo Mannucci, INAF, Firenze
Chair: Lise Christensen, DARK

Title: "Nurseries of supernovae - A study of young high redshift type Ia supernova host galaxies"

Type Ia supernovae (SNe) have long been the gold standard for precision cosmology and after several decades of intense research the supernova (SN) community was in 2011 honored by giving the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of Dark Energy to the leaders of the two big SN collaborations: Saul Perlmutter (Supernova Cosmology Project), Adam Riess, and Brian Schmidt (High-Z team).

In this talk I present the results from the sample of high redshift SN host galaxies taken from the CANDELS SN search and the CLASH SN search. I present observational evidence that the overall shape of the delay time distribution does not change out to a redshift of ~2. I also present a new parameterization of the relation between the specific rate of SNe and the specific star-formation rate derived from the more fundamental delay time distribution of SNe.

Download thesis here >>