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Workshop: Unconscious Bias

By Dr. Kartik Sheth
Associate Astronomer
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA

We all constantly make unconscious classifications, assumptions and snap judgements about the situations, people and places around us. When it comes to evaluating others’ work, such as when hiring, reviewing papers and grants, or attending conferences, opinions can be coloured by these unconscious biases.

Why? As scientists we like to think that we are objective and analytic in our judgements, but research shows that this is not the case.

Come and see the data, discover why you should care about unconscious bias and learn about techniques to minimise its effects in science.

When:    Thursday 16th October, 12.30 – 2 pm

Where:   NBI Auditorium A

Questions?  Contact the organisers, Julie Wardlow or Sune Toft

To join in the group lunch at 12 pm in Auditorium C, please register here >> (registration is now closed)

"Unconscious bias influences our lives in exactly the same manner as that undercurrent that took me out so far that day. When under-currents aid us … we are invariably unconscious of them. We never credit the undercurrent for carrying us so swiftly; we credit ourselves, our talents, our skills. I was completely sure that it was my swimming ability that was carrying me out so swiftly that day. It did not matter that I knew in my heart that I was a very average swimmer, it did not matter that I knew that I should have worn a life jacket and flippers. On the way out, the idea of humility never occurred to me. It was only at the moment I turned back, when I had to go against the current, that I even realized the current existed."  ― Shankar Vedantam