Andrew Wetzel (Caltech) Talk – University of Copenhagen

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Andrew Wetzel (Caltech) Talk

Title: Dwarf galaxies in the Local Group: orbital histories and implications for gas stripping, star-formation quenching, and probing the epoch of reionization

Abstract: The dwarf galaxies in the Local Group provide compelling laboratories for both galaxy evolution and near-field cosmology. The orbital histories of the satellites of the Milky Way (MW) and M31 provides the means to understand the physics of environment on galaxy evolution in unprecedented detail and also inform the use of dwarf galaxies as relic probes of the epoch of reionization. Using a suite of cosmological zoom-in simulations of MW/M31-like halos, I constrain the orbital and evolutionary histories of the observed satellites in the Local Group, including the infall times into the MW/M31 halos, the prevalence of groups of satellites (such the LMC), and dwarf-dwarf mergers. I then compare these orbital histories with satellites' measured star-formation histories to understand the relative roles of the MW/M31 halo environment versus cosmic reionization in removing gas and quenching star formation in dwarf galaxies.

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