Cake Talk: Chiara Biscaro – University of Copenhagen

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Cake Talk: Chiara Biscaro

Chiara Biscaro (DARK)

Dust formation and processing in the clumpy SNR Cassiopeia A

I will address the formation of molecules and dust in the ejecta of supernovae (SNe) of Type IIb and in their following reprocessing by shocks in the supernova remnant (SNR), with a focus on the Cassiopeia A (Cas A) remnant. Cas A is a young (∼300 years), close by (3.4 kpc) SNR, where the reverse shock is currently reprocessing the material formed after the SN explosion. Recent observations pose the question whether SNe and SNRs are efficient dust providers to the galaxy. It is not clear how much dust is formed in SNe ejecta, as well as how much is destroyed by the inward reverse shock during the remnant phase. I will present the results of my PhD work, where I try to answer these questions, as well as my future projects here at DARK.