Cake Talk by Christina Thöne – University of Copenhagen

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Cake Talk by Christina Thöne

Christina Thöne (IAA - CSIC)

The properties of massive stellar explosion progenitors inferred from their environment

In the past years, large progress has been made to identify the progenitors of different types of supernovae. However, some classes like stripped-envelope supernovae (SNe), superlumious SNe and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) still remain a mystery, for various reasons. If direct observations of the progenitor star are not available or possible, another way to infer properties of the progenitor star is to study its host and surrounding stellar population at the highest possible angular resolution. I will give a short overview about the current methods and advances in the field trying to establish metallicity and age/mass differences for different progenitors. I will present a few recent examples for resolved observations of the explosion site using a variety of "3D" techniques, especially a new exciting observing technique called "tunable narrowband filters" that are available at GTC in the optical and will be for JWST in the IR. Finally, I will give some outlook to future observations and larger samples of high angular resolution observations.