Cake Talk: Jens Kristian Krogager (DARK) – University of Copenhagen

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Cake Talk: Jens Kristian Krogager (DARK)

Talk by: Jens Kristian Krogager (DARK)

Title: Astronomy on the other side


Understanding the ISM and CGM is of great importance when it comes to understanding star formation and galaxy evolution - both locally and at high redshift. The best way of gauging the interstellar medium at high redshift comes from quasar absorption lines systems, particularly damped Lyman-alpha absorbers. When interpreting results from DLAs it is, however, crucial to understand how these systems are selected and to what degree our samples are biased. One plausible bias is dust in the absorption systems causing the quasars to escape detection and thus removing the foreground absorbers from our samples.

In this talk I will present my current work based on the High A(V) Quasar Survey: a tailored search for reddened quasars. This survey has uncovered dusty absorbers previously missing in the quasar samples from SDSS.