Cake Talk: Michal Michalowski (Edinburgh) – University of Copenhagen

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Cake Talk: Michal Michalowski (Edinburgh)

Talk by:
Michal Michalowski (University of Edinburgh)

Title: The second closest gamma-ray bursts: GRB 111005A at z = 0.01326


I will present the detection of the radio afterglow of gamma-ray burst
(GRB) 111005A at 5-345 GHz, including the very long baseline
interferometry observations with the positional error of 0.2 mas. The
afterglow position is coincident with the disk of a galaxy ESO 580-49
at z = 0.01326, which places GRB 111005A as the second closest GRB
known to date, after GRB 980425. The GRB 111005A host is a dwarf,
moderately star-forming galaxy, similar to the host of GRB 980425. The
existence of two local GRBs in such galaxies is still consistent with
the hypothesis that the GRB rate is proportional to the cosmic star
formation rate (SFR) density, but suggests that the GRB rate may be
biased towards low SFRs. Moreover, the hosts of both GRBs 111005A and
980425 exhibit lower dust content than what would be expected from
their stellar masses and optical colours.