CLUES - Constrained Local UniversE Simulations project

The CLUES 2015 workshop will be held at DARK, between May 8th and 13th.

The meeting is by invitation only, meaning that it is not a big conference but rather the annual workshop of our group. There will be an open Plenary Talk on Monday the 11th of May at 10.00, during which a complete view of the CLUES collaboration, and the kind of science we do, will be given.

The list of participants for this year’s workshop

Arias Callejas, Veronica
Brook, Chris
Carlesi, Edoardo
Courtois, Helene
Creasey, Peter
Deparis, Nicolas
Di Cintio, Arianna
Dixon, Keri
Dolag, Klaus
Enke, Harry
Gillet, Nicolas
Gottloeber, Stefan
Hoffman, Yehuda
Iliev, Ilian
Knebe, Alexander
Kubik, Bogna
Navarro, Julio
nusser, adi
Nuza, Sebastian
Ocvirk, Pierre
Pahwa, Isha
Pilipenko, Sergey
Santos, Isabel
Shapiro, Paul
sorce, Jenny
Stinson, Greg
Sullivan, David
Tully, Brent
Wojtak, Radek
Yepes, Gustavo
Tiwari, Prabhakar

For more info, contact DARK Fellow Arianna di Cintio,