MSc defense by Maria Cavallius – University of Copenhagen

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MSc defense by Maria Cavallius

Title: Dark energy parametrization driven bias in cosmological parameter estimation

Supervisors: Steen H. Hansen and Stefania Pandolfi

Technological advances in observations during recent years have pinned down the values of cosmological parameters to an unprecedented precision. The parameter estimates require a specific choice of, among other things, the dark energy equation-of-state (DE EoS) w = P/ρ.
This work aims to quantify how a universe governed by one DE EoS and analyzed with another gives rise to errors in the cosmological parameter estimates.
Data sets of weak lensing, supernovae type Ia and redshift drift are simulated for two different dark energy models and analyzed with the common Chevallier-Polarski-Linder (CPL) model, w(a) = w_0 + w_a*(1-a).
The recovered parameter mean values are found to be shifted compared to the values used to create the simulated data.

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