"Shedding light on dark matter in galaxy clusters" kick-off meeting – University of Copenhagen

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"Shedding light on dark matter in galaxy clusters" kick-off meeting

Associate Professor Claudio Grillo is hosting a kick-off collaboration meeting for his project, Shedding light on dark matter in galaxy clusters, 26 May-3 June 2015 at the Dark Cosmology Centre.

After almost a century from the first observational evidence for the existence of dark matter (DM), the nature of this puzzling form of matter still remains to be explained. We will exploit the extraordinary multi-wavelength data set of the CLASH (Cluster Lensing And Supernova Survey with Hubble) and CLASH-VLT surveys to disentangle, for the first time over more than three decades in radius, the dark matter distribution in galaxy clusters and to estimate the number and mass of the cluster accreted subhaloes. We will compare these results with the outcomes of cosmological simulations trying to distinguish among alternative DM candidates. In this meeting, we will set the project milestones for the next three years and start the project main research activities.

Participants: Italo Balestra (Trieste), Gabriel Bartosch Caminha (Ferrara),
Marco Lombardi (Milan),  Amata Mercurio (INAF-Capodimonte), Emiliano Munari (Trieste), Piero Rosati (Ferrara).