Piero Rosati (U Ferrera) Talk – University of Copenhagen

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Piero Rosati (U Ferrera) Talk

Professor Piero Rosati (University of Ferrara)

Title: CLASH-VLT: a detailed look at the mass distribution of galaxy clusters, galaxy populations and distant lensed galaxies

Time and place: Monday June 1, at 12:00 in the DARK lounge

Abstract: The CLASH-VLT project (Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble) combines an HST Treasury program to obtain panchromatic (ACS+WFC3) imaging of 25 massive clusters, with a large spectroscopic campaign with VLT/VIMOS. I will give some highlights of this program, including: 1) the determination of dark matter and total density profiles with unprecedented accuracy from a combination of lensing, X-ray, and galaxy dynamics; 2) a new regime of precision strong lensing modelling, enabled by spectroscopic information of multiply lensed images and a large number of cluster galaxies, which allows the inner structure of DM halos to be investigated and compared with cosmological simulations; 3) a multi-parameter study of galaxy transformation in high density environments; 4) how to probe the faint end of the luminosity function of distant lensed galaxies.