John E. Niclasen Master's thesis defense

Title: World and Science

Supervisors: Johan P.U. Fynbo, Mads Ruben Burgdorff Kristensen

Censor: Frank Grundahl, Aarhus University

The World Programming Language is presented. Different programming tasks related to astrophysics and science in general is defined, and World is being suggested as an efficient tool to fulfil these programming tasks. World interface to Bohrium by eScience is presented. A palette of examples is given, where World is used as a scientific tool, incl. management of FITS files, parallel computing, calculations with units, plotting dialect, graphics dialect, and multitasking. Example of expanding the World language with a new datatype and methods is given, and the future of the language is briefly mentioned. Four examples of scientific papers (some work-in-progress) are presented for the first time, where World has been used one way or the other.

Link to thesis –>> here