MSc defence by Nam Tran

Title: Modelling the Formation and Evolution of X-ray Binary Populations 

Abstract: We develop parts of a framework that is used to develop computational binary population synthesis models of X-ray binaries by combining detailed binary evolution calculations and approximate prescriptions for poorly understood evolutionary phases. Using this hybrid method, we study populations of X-ray binaries and present model-prediction of observable properties such as the X-ray luminosity function and orbital parameters.

It appears that the simulations did not favor the standard combination of the rapid core-collapse mechanism and fallback modulated natal kick for black holes since they produced an excess of rare wide black hole X-ray binaries. However, by using the delayed core-collapse mechanism, we find that the progenitor of these rare X-ray binaries gets disrupted by the natal kick at the supernova. In turn, the corresponding X-ray luminosity function of star-forming populations is in agreement with the most recent observation up to one order of magnitude.

Additionally, our models were able to reproduce various expected results, such as the short lifetime of high-mass and black hole X-ray binaries. 

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