MSc defence by Cecilie Hede

Supervisor: Jens Hjort
External supervisor:
 Hans Kjeldsen

Title: Evolution of the Rate of SNe IIn with Redshift

Abstract: Supernovae (SNe) are studied because of their environment that is perfect for creating very bright SNe, but also because we expect the majority of lensed SNe that we will observe with e.g. Vera C. Rubin Observatory to be IIns. Gravitationally lensed SNe can be used to independently estimate the value of the Hubble Constant, contributing to solving the Hubble Tension problem. However, the estimations of number of lensed SNe IIns and other types are based on local SN ratios assuming that these apply for all redshifts. Data from Lick Observatory Supernova Search indicate a bias towards lower mass host galaxies for SNe IIn. I investigate the effects of modelling this bias as a power law, and the potential consequences for the estimated number of lensed SNe IIn from Vera C. Rubin Observatory.