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25 July 2019

PhD position

Deadline: October 1, 2019

Note: Candidates will need to start obtaining documents early in order to have them ready by submission deadline.

The available position is to work on the physics and fueling of supermassive black holes of active galactic nuclei and quasars. The research is focused on observations of the central gas and stars of nearby quiescent and active galaxies with the aim to study how supermassive black holes are fueled.  

The student will work primarily with radio and sub-mm single-dish and interferometric data obtained from telescopes such as the Submillimeter Array, Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, Atacama Large Millimeter Array and Northern Extended Millimeter Array, plus optical-infrared integral field unit data from the Very Large Telescope.

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Interested candidates should visit this page:

The link to apply will only be announced by UCPH in September 2019, but interested candidates should look into requirements early on.