DARK News 2012

Welcome DARK Fellow, Matteo Barnabè

28 November 2012

DARK welcomes Matteo Barnabè, who starts at DARK on  December 1st as a independent DARK Fellow, a shared position with the Niels Bohr International Academy. Matteo got his PhD in 2009 from the University of Groningen, and since then he has been research fellow at KAVLI, Stanford.

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Anja von der Linden new Brahe Fellow

5 November 2012

Anja von der Linden starts her term as as Sophie and Tycho Brahe Fellow, a joint fellowship with Kavli Institute of Particle Astro-physics and Cosmology (KIPAC) at Stanford University. 

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Welcome to Dong XU

1 November 2012

DARK welcomes Dong Xu, whos starts at DARK on 1 November 2012 as a post doc. He will be working with ground-based follow-up of gamma- ray bursts using X-shooter. Dong got his PhD at DARK in 2009...

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Welcome Carlsberg Fellow, Ole Høst

1 October 2012

Ole Høst joins DARK on October 1st to work on a Carlsberg-funded project, "Galaxy cluster lensing: Quantifying systematic uncertainties". Ole got his master's degree in astrophysics at University College London...

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Welcome DARK Fellow, Nicola Amorisco

1 October 2012

Nicola Amorisco joins the Centre as an independent DARK Fellow. Nicola finished his Master's degree in theoretical physics at the University of Pisa and last month, his PhD at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge...

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Nature: Early galaxy now in view

20 September 2012

Nature: Early galaxy now in viewDARK Fellow Claudio Grillo and former DARK PhD student, Ole Høst (UC London) are among authors of a letter in this week's Nature, describing the new observations of a galaxy with a cosmic age of less than 500 million years.

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Congratulations to Maria Strandet Jensen

4 September 2012

Congratulations to Maria Strandet Jensen, who succesfully defended her Master's thesis Monday 3 September 2012. Maria has been working with Thomas R. Greve on a project about the properties of BzK galaxies...

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Congratulations to Jens Juel Jensen

30 August 2012

Congratulations to Jens Juel Jensen, who succesfully defended his Master's thesis Thursday 30 August 2012. Jens has been working with Marianne on a project characterizing the velocity field og the broad line region in quasars....

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Congratulations to Mette Friis

21 August 2012

Congratulations to Mette Friis, who succesfully defended her Master's thesis Tuesday 21 August 2012. Mette has been working with Darach on a project about thermal emission in gamma-ray bursts. She is planning to do her PhD at...

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Congratulations to Bitten Gullberg Nielsen

13 August 2012

Congratulations to Bitten Gullberg Nielsen, who succesfully defended her Master's thesis Monday 13 August 2012. Bitten has been working with Thomas R. Greve on a project about the star formation in distant massive galaxies...

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Welcome to Sangeeta Malhotra and James Rhoads

1 August 2012

Sangeeta Malhotra and James Rhoads, both Associate Professors at Arizona State University in the USA, will spend their sabbatical at DARK this year. They, along with their family, have arrived in Copenhagen and are getting settled...

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Congratulations to Elisabet Liljeblad

29 June 2012

Congratulations to Elisabet Liljeblad, who succesfully defended her Master's thesis Monday 25 June 2012. Elisabet has been working with Kristian Pedersen on the estimation of galaxy cluster masses, and is now looking for a PhD position...

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Congratulations to Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt

1 June 2012

Congratulations to Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt, who successfully defended his Master's thesis Tuesday 29 May 2012. Kristoffer has been working with DARK's Brahe Fellow, Berian James, on a project about the large scale structure of the Universe...

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Welcome to Tomo Goto

28 May 2012

Dr. Tomotsugu Goto starts on Thursday as a DARK Fellow.  Tomo was most recently a postdoctral fellow, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii. He finished his PhD at the University of Tokyo in 2003...

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Baby galaxies grew up quickly

16 May 2012

Baby galaxies grew up quicklyBaby galaxies from the young Universe more than 12 billion years ago evolved faster than previously thought, shows new research from DARK. This means that already in the early history of the Universe...

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Welcome to Matteo Cataneo

2 May 2012

DARK welcomes Matteo Cataneo, who starts at DARK on Wednesday 2 May 2012. He will start a position as a 3 year PhD student working with David Rapetti. Matteo obtained his master's degree from Università degli studi di Milano...

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DARK welcomes the next generation

30 April 2012

DARK welcomes the next generationOn April 11th the Tiger class of 3-5 year olds from Stepping Stones international preschool came to visit the Dark Cosmology Centre to learn about the solar system. DARK researchers are used to giving talks at international  conferences...

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Johan Fynbo appointed professor of astrophysics

26 April 2012

The Professorship is with special responsibilities (MSO) and is connected with Johan Fynbo’s ERC project about galaxies in the early universe. In the research project, he is working with observations from the first galaxies...

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UltraVISTA - a treasure trove of data released to the community

21 March 2012

UltraVISTA - a treasure trove of data released to the communityESO’s VISTA telescope has created the deepest wide-angle view of the sky ever made using infrared light. Data from the VISTA surveys are being processed in data centres around Europe, are flowing back into the ESO science archive...

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Fynbo recognized by the World Cultural Council

20 March 2012

Professor Johan P.U. Fynbo is being honored by the World Cultural Council as a talented researcher who has had international impact.  The WCC awards take place on Wednesday, 18 April at Aarhus University, in conjunction with the Danish EU Presidency.

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Researchers map dark matter in 3-D

15 March 2012

Two teams of astronomers have used data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes to map the distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster known as Abell 383, which is located about 2.3 billion light years from Earth.

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Welcome to Claudio Grillo

9 March 2012

Welcome to Claudio Grillo, who started his DARK Fellow position 13 March 2012. Claudio's research focuses on strong gravitational lensing and observational cosmology in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. He is particularly interested in...

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Chryssa Kouveliotou - 2012 Dannie Heineman Prize in Astrophysics

20 February 2012

Chryssa Kouveliotou - 2012 Dannie Heineman Prize in Astrophysics Congratulations to NASA Researcher (and DARK Advisory Committee member), Chryssa Kouvelioutou, who has been awarded the Heineman Prize by the American Institute of Physics and American Astronomical Society.

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Hjorth and Toft win the Jens Martin Prize for Teaching

2 February 2012

Hjorth and Toft win the Jens Martin Prize for TeachingSune Toft and Jens Hjorth were awarded this year's Jens Martin Prize, which recognizes excellence in teaching at the Niels Bohr Institute, for their Cosmology course (astro 1) taught to bachelor's students every spring.

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Anja C. Andersen named Faculty of Science Communicator of the Year

3 January 2012

Anja C. Andersen named Faculty of Science Communicator of the Year DARK's Anja C. Andersen has been awarded the 2011 Science Communication Award by the University's Faculty of Science. Anja C. Andersen is an astrophysicist who studies stardust and is also a star communicator. She is...

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Welcome Søren Granat

2 January 2012

Søren Jøns son Granat has joined the Space Science Center and DARK from the beginning of the year. Søren will be working with communication strategies, primarily linking the Space Science Center to Danish space companies in an effort...

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