2 February 2012

Hjorth and Toft win the Jens Martin Prize for Teaching

This year's Jens Martin Prize recognizes Sune Toft and Jens Hjorth for excellence in teaching for their Cosmology bachelor's course, also known as Astro 1. 

The course gives an introduction to the creation and development of the Universe, giving students insight into the underlying observations and leading theories.  Students are exposed to modern problems such as - dark energy, cosmic micriowaves and how the basic elements were formed. Over past few years, Hjorth and Toft have altered they way the course is taught, inspired by the latest didactic research on how best to present lectures, exercises and assignments. 

Jens Hjorth accepted the prize at the annual NBI Kick-Off, 3rd of February, on behalf of the teaching duo.  Sune Toft is currently working at the University of Hawaii and will back at DARK later this month. 

Congratulations, Sune and Jens!