30 April 2012

DARK welcomes the next generation

Children with 3d glasses
On April 11th the Tiger class of 3-5 year olds from Stepping Stones international preschool came to visit the Dark Cosmology Centre to learn about the solar system.

Children seeing pictures of saturnDARK researchers are used to giving talks at international  confer-ences, to groups of high school students, and of course, in the University classroom. But for these little future scientists, Martin Pessah (NBIA), and DARK researchers Andrew Zirm, Kelly Denney and Peter Laursen had to rethink their communication strategy!

Learning by doing

The 26 "studentPlaying in a "moon crater"s" were divided into 4 groups and visited 4 different learning stations: the Sun, Saturn's rings, the Moon's craters and an interactive station. At the Sun they learned about how the Earth orbits the Sun and how hot and bright the Sun is (they had to wear sunglasses and use fans). At Saturn they learned that Saturn itself is made of gas and the rings are ice, and they even skated around the rings. 

The children also learned that the different shapes on the moon are due to craters, and then they made their own craters. Finally, they learned about all the planets on computers and iPads at the interactive station. Everyone had a great time and the kids were talking about it for the next days.

Children sitting by computers

We look forward to seeing them all again - in about 20 years!