9 September 2013

Welcome Anders Pinzke

Anders Pinzke Anders Pinzke starts at DARK this week as a Swedish Research Council Fellow. Anders got his PhD in theoretical physics in Stockholm in 2010 and since has been a post doc at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He will be at DARK for 2 years.

Anders scientific interests include: high energy particle physics, in particular dark matter, shock acceleration of cosmic rays in cosmological structures, hadronic and leptonic cosmic ray interacations in galaxies; radio-, x-ray and gamma-ray astrophysics including synchroton, inverse Compton and pion-decay induced non-thermal emission in galaxies; cosmology including dark matter substructures, formation of galaxy clusters and large scale structure; and in computational astrophysics such as high-performance computing using cosmlogical SPH code GADGET, and modelling of cosmic rays and shocks.