Welcome Dan Perley – University of Copenhagen

10 June 2015

Welcome Dan Perley

Welcome DARK/Marie Curie Fellow Dan Perley.

Dan Perley

Dan Perley joins DARK as a DARK/Marie Curie Fellow. Dan received his PhD titled "The Diverse Environments of Gamma-Ray Bursts" at the University of California at Berkeley in 2011 and since then he has been a Hubble Fellow at Caltech.

Dan’s research bridges the studies of luminous transients (GRBs, supernovae, and their origins) and galaxy evolution and cosmology (high-redshift star-formation, interstellar dust, submillimeter galaxies). His interests overlap strongly with DARK's research themes, and he has been a frequent visitor and collaborator at the Centre.
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Lise Bech Christensen fra Dark Cosmology Centre has been awarded a grant for DKK 6,457,791 kr. for the project: Galaxy building blocks: Dwarf galaxies at high redshifts - See more at: http://dg.dk/en/2014/10/06/researchers-from-dnrf-centers-of-excellence-has-been-awarded-ydun-grants/#sthash.Havqjccy.dpuf