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01 November 2015

Welcome Georgios Magdis

Welcome Assistant Professor Georgios Magdis.

Georgios Magdis

Georgios starts working at DARK in November as an independent DARK Fellow (5-years, Assistant Professor), funded by Professor Jens Hjorth’s Carlsberg-DARK Fellowship programme and Associate Professor Sune Toft’s ERC project, “Connecting the Extreme”.  He received his PhD from Oxford University in 2008, and since then has  worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford and the Service d'Astrophysique, CEA Saclay, France.

Georgios focuses on the study of the physical properties (e.g. stellar mass, star-formation rate, ISM) of high-z galaxy populations aiming to shed light on the birth, formation, mass build-up, and evolution of galaxies throughout cosmic time. In his research he makes use of multi-wavelength data (ranging from X-rays to radio), but his expertise is in infrared/submm space (i.e. Spitzer and Herschel) as well as in ground  based (e.g. JCMT, IRAM) observations.

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