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01 September 2015

Welcome Henrik Rhodin

            Henrik Rhodin

Henrik starts September 1st, 2015 as a new PhD student working with Associate Professor Lise Christensen’s FNU-YDUN funded project, “Galaxy building blocks — Dwarf galaxies“. He will primarily be working on quasar absorption lines and their connections to galaxies.

Henrik recently finished his master’s degree in Astronomy at the University of Lund, Sweden.


Lise Bech Christensen fra Dark Cosmology Centre has been awarded a grant for DKK 6,457,791 kr. for the project: Galaxy building blocks: Dwarf galaxies at high redshifts - See more at: http://dg.dk/en/2014/10/06/researchers-from-dnrf-centers-of-excellence-has-been-awarded-ydun-grants/#sthash.Havqjccy.dpuf