2 January 2017

Christa Gall starts as Associate Professor and Carlsberg Fellow

Welcome to Christa Gall, who started December 1, 2016 as Associate Professor funded by her Carlsberg grant, project "Hunting molecules in supernovae". 

Christa received her PhD from DARK and worked as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at Goddard Space Flight Center and was a postdoc at the Physics and Astronomy Department at the Aarhus University.

Christa’s work revolves around the formation and evolution of dust and molecules in various astrophysical environments, in particular different types of supernovae. Additionally, while she is looking at the chemical evolution of galaxies, she is also interested in the physics of supernovae and transients in general, from thermonuclear explosions (Type Ia supernovae) to the different types of core collapse supernovae, but also supernova impostors. To perform her research she is using theoretical, as well as observational, tools and methods.