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23 October 2019


Corinne Toulouse, our dear colleague,  passed away on October 20 2019 after years of fighting cancer.

Written by DARK and DARK friends

The passing of our friend, Corinne Toulouse, feels unbearable. Corinne inspired us in so many ways and contributed to NBI for nearly a decade. She was not a physicist, but she had an immense impact on our research environment.  Corinne once said: "We should do science because it is beautiful and fun and we should do it together as caring individuals". Her dedication and unique passion laid the groundwork for adventurous and creative avenues.

Corinne met every individual with openness and interest. She made lasting impressions and deep friendships. During her time at NBI, she took many roles, first as a secretary at DARK, then as the project manager for NBI's contribution to the Euclid space mission and the NOT Transient Explorer. She also worked at NBI communication (having taken a master's degree in communication in parallel to working at DARK), and during the last couple of years, she returned to DARK as the administrative coordinator. Corinne was also a board member of the Women in Physics and, with her everyday example, inspired many young women to join.

At DARK, Corinne was highly appreciated and will always be remembered for her kind soul. She arranged many events such as the unforgettable St. Emilion retreat in France and the ensuing annual wine bottling events. She also made sure that her colleagues participated in social events, such as the traditional DHL relay run and summer parties.  Her commitment, determination and perseverance in life will continue to inspire all of us.

While battling illness in early 2019, she worked long hours to prepare and oversee DARK's move to Vibenshuset and she made sure to set up a new welcoming work environment. She coined the term "Code of Harmony" guiding us in the right direction. Her positivity and great mood lit up the workplace and always improved our days at DARK. She battled cancer but through it all she always kept her joyful spirit and played an important role in the unique atmosphere DARK has today."

Corinne embodied the values and identity of our section. She helped define who we are, and she will always be like family to us. It is difficult to imagine DARK without her and her daily presence will be forever missed.  She leaves a heartache and an emptiness that no one can fill nor heal. We will make sure that her spirit and her legacy lives on.

Our hearts go out to her family and, in particular, to her young daughters in this difficult time.

All are welcome to the funeral
Corinne's funeral service will take place

Friday, 25th October
at 10:00 AM
at Mariebjerg Kapel,
Mariebjergvej 1, 2820 Gentofte

The service should last about one hour.

Following the service, everyone is invited to gather for drinks and a bite to eat at:
The Kragh family residence Eivindsvej 8, 2920 Charlottenlund.

It was Corinnes specific request that, in lieu of flowers, donations would be made to Kræftens Bekæmpelse >>

All members of staff, who wish to participate in the funeral, are excused from Work.