Talk titles – University of Copenhagen

Talk titles

Theme 1 High-energy astrophysics

 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz The basis for cosmic ray feedback in galaxy formation

 Sera Markoff As above so below: self-similarity in black holes and academia

 Elena Rossi Out of the box: tomography of the Milky Way with Gaia and LISA

 Tamara Bogdanovic When galaxies merge what happens to their supermassive black holes?

 Samaya Nissanke Seeing and listening to the cosmic chirp symphony

 Jess McIver Black holes, and gravitational waves

 Irene Tamborra Neutrinos from the Sky

 Jane Dai  Tidal Disruption Events: theory meets observation

 Nicole Lloyd-Ronning 50 Years of Gamma-ray Bursts - What’s Next?

 Anne Archibald Universality of Free Fall from the Orbital Motion of a Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System

 Monika Moscibrodzka Imaging black holes on a computer and in reality

 Gibwa Musoke Hydrodynamic simulations of the kiloparsec-scale interactions of AGN jets

 Chiara Ceccobello Crossing smoothly critical points in MHD and life



Theme 2 Stars: formation, environment, feedback

 Nia Imara Astronomy as Metaphor: The Birth of a Star

 Laura Lopez Cosmic Ray Feedback from Massive Stars

 Blakesley Burkart Turbulent Beginnings: A Predictive Theory of Star Formation in the Interstellar Medium

 Anja Andersen Making, braking and baking interstellar medium

 Selma de Mink Stars with complicated lives

 Shazrene Mohamed Circumstellar environments of evolved stars


 Theme 3 Cosmology

 Priya Natarajan From Seeds to Monsters:  Tracking the growth of Supermassive Black Holes

 Gurtina Besla The Distribution of Dark Matter about the Milky Way

 Michaela Hirschmann The art of modelling nebular emission lines from simulated galaxies over cosmic time

 Camille Avestruz Modeling Galaxy Clusters for Cluster Based Cosmology

 Jorge Moreno Galaxy Mergers on FIRE-2: Interstellar Gas EcologyBlueprint for mentoring students of color in astronomy


 Theme 4 Dynamics & Others

 Smadar Naoz Clashing stars and black holes at the hearts of galaxies

 Ann-Marie MadiganT he Importance of Being Eccentric

 Elena D’Onghia Challenges in galactic Dynamics in the Gaia era

 Francesca Calore Looking for dark matter at the Galactic center

 Daniela Huppenkothen Data Science in Astronomy: Notes from an Emerging Field of Science

 Nicole Cabrera Salazar A Case for Abolishing the Qualifying Exam

 Anne Archibald Transgender 101: Challenges, Support, and Manners