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Arianna Di Cintio

DARK Fellow


Arianna Di Cintio

PhD thesis: The ΛCDM model at small scales:
Milky Way's satellites and the cusp-core crisis

General publications: ADS

Research field and projects

  • Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation: isolated galaxies (MAGICC project) and constrained Local Group simulations (CLUES project)
  • LCDM problems at small scales: cusp/core discrepancy, missing satellites and too-big-to-fail problem
  • Star formation history in Local Group satellite galaxies: the impact of environment and infalling
  • Role of baryonic feedback in shaping the dark matter density profile of galaxies: theoretical predictions for populations of galaxies

Selected papers

- Expanded haloes, abundance matching and too-big-to-fail in the Local Group ; Brook &
Di Cintio ; MNRAS (2015)

- Signatures of dark matter halo expansion in galaxy populations; Brook & Di Cintio ; MNRAS (2015)

- The dependence of dark matter profiles on the stellar-to-halo mass ratio: a prediction for cusps versus cores ; Di Cintio, Brook, Macciò, Stinson, Knebe, Dutton & Wadsley ;
MNRAS (2014)

- A mass-dependent density profile for dark matter haloes including the influence of galaxy formation ; Di Cintio, Brook, Dutton, Macciò, Stinson & Knebe ; MNRAS (2014)

- Size matters: the non-universal density profile of subhaloes in SPH simulations and implications for the Milky Way's dSphs ; Di Cintio, Knebe,Libeskind, Brook, Yepes, Gottlöber & Hoffman ; MNRAS (2013)

- Too small to succeed? Lighting up massive dark matter subhaloes of the Milky Way
Di Cintio, Knebe, Libeskind, Yepes, Gottlöber & Hoffman ; MNRAS-letter (2011)

- The Stellar-to-halo Mass Relation for Local Group Galaxies ; Brook, Di Cintio, Knebe, Gottlöber, Hoffman, Yepes & Garrison-Kimmel ; APJ-Letter (2014)

- GALAXY FORMATION ; Silk, Di Cintio & Dvorkin ; SIF-2014

- Cold versus Warm Dark Matter Simulations of a Galaxy Group ; Libeskind, Di Cintio, Knebe, Yepes, Gottlöber, Steinmetz, Hoffman & Martinez-Vaquero ; PASA (2013)