Caroline Heneka – University of Copenhagen

Caroline Heneka

PhD student

Email: caroline @

Phone: +45 353 25 969

Research field and projects

Beyond LCDM. Dark energy phenomenology, deviations from the standard model, dark energy clustering, emphasis on structure formation and large-scale structure.

Parameter inference. Galaxy clusters as cosmological probes, cluster mass function, supernovae Ia and their use as standard candles.

Reionization. Simulation and cross-correlation studies, test of reionization model parameters, the inter-galactic medium and cosmology.

Bayesian statistics. Bayesian statistical tools to improve cosmological parameter inference and Bayesian detection of bias in any kind of data.

Probing the IGM with Ly-alpha and 21cm fluctuations, submitted to ApJ, arXiv:1611.09682

Searching for bias and correlations in a Bayesian way, Proceedings of the IAU 306, 19 (2014)

Extensive search for bias in SNIa data, MNRAS 439, 1855 (2014)

To be submitted:
Cold dark energy cosmology from clusters, MNRAS (2017)