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Jesús Zavala Franco 

DARK Fellow

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Phone: + 45 353 935
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Going beyond the CDM model. The current paradigm of structure formation, the Cold Dark Matter (CDM) model, assumes that dark matter is collisionless and cold (with very low thermal motions). Observations of the abundance and properties of dwarf galaxies might be challenging these hypothesis. I have been interested in testing alternative models where dark matter is assumed to be warm (Warm Dark Matter, WDM) or self-colisional (Self-Interacting Dark Matter, SIDM). These extensions to the CDM model share its successes in reproducing the large-scale structure of the Universe, and have the potential of solving the small-scale problems.

Dark matter annihilation. Although there is substantial evidence for the existence of dark matter from its gravitational effects in the visible ordinary matter, a definitive proof requires a non-gravitational signature. I have been interested in the prospect of such detection by making theoretical predictions of the signals coming from the byproducts of the hypothetical annihilation of dark matter.

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