Mikkel Stockmann – University of Copenhagen

Mikkel Stockmann

PhD Student

Email: mstockmann @ dark-cosmology.dk


Research field and projects

Compact Galaxies: My main phd research focuses on galaxy evolution, especially the most massive galaxies at z ~ 2. These quiescent galaxies have turned off their star formation, and appear red, dead, and very compact. In order to understand how these quiescent galaxies evolve into the giant ellipticals we observe in the local Universe, we need better observations. Using the danish built X-shooter spectrograph, at Paranal (Chile), we intend to create the largest spectroscopic catalogue of quiescent galaxies to date. With Sune Toft, I hope to shed light on the evolutionary track of high redshift galaxies.

Voids: The matter in the Universe is distributed in web-like filaments with large regions of empty spaces in between, called voids. Since voids per definition contain very little matter, they are difficult to measure and can instead be classified from the empty regions between the patterns of the matter distribution. The matter distribution can be established from hydrogen clouds shadowing quasars that are among the most luminous light sources in the Universe. I am currently investigating the possibility of counting the number of voids, in UVES (VLT, Chile) & HIRES (Keck, Hawaii) high resolution quasar spectra (2 < z < 5), interpreted as the space between the Lyman-a absorption lines, in order to perform the first void count on real quasar data.