Rasmus S. L. Hansen

NBB, Tower G
Jagtvej 128
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Research field and projects:

  • Cosmic neutrinos
  • Supernovae and neutrinos
  • Collective neutrino oscillations

Selected publications:

MeV-scale reheating temperature and thermalization of oscillating neutrinos by radiative and hadronic decays of massive particles, ; Takuya Hasegawa, Nagisa Hiroshima, Kazunori Kohri, Rasmus S. L. Hansen, Thomas Tram and Steen Hannestad

Effect of extended nu production region on collective oscillations in supernovae,; Rasmus S. L. Hansen and Alexei Yu. Smirnov

Thermalizing Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter,; Rasmus S. L. Hansen and Stefan Vogl

Self-induced neutrino flavor conversion without flavor mixing,, R. S. Hansen, I. Izaguirre and G. G. Raffelt

How Self-Interactions can Reconcile Sterile Neutrinos with Cosmology,; Steen Hannestad, Rasmus Sloth Hansen and Thomas Tram

Can active-sterile nutrino oscillations lead to chaotic behavior of the cosmological lepton asymmetry?,; Steen Hannestad, Rasmus Sloth Hansen and Thomas Tram