Key project 4: Theoretical Investigations of Dark Matter and Dust – University of Copenhagen

Key Project 4: Theoretical Investigations of Dark Matter and Dust

Some of the most fascinating problems in today's astrophysics lack theoretical understanding.

We therefore focus some of our efforts on addressing, and potentially providing answers to, several fundamental questions using theoretical tools related to the nature of dark matter and the formation of dust in the young Universe. 

One of the goals of the project working with galaxy clusters is to accurately measure the spatial distribution of dark matter. We will complement this study with a theoretical attempt to explain the origin of the cluster dark-matter mass profile. Our spectroscopic observations of GRBs, quasars, and high-redshift galaxies will provide substantial information about the presence and properties of dust in the early universe. We will complement these observations with numerical modeling in order to understand how dust formed and evolved in this era.

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