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José María
Castro Cerón 

Title: A Spitzer study of γ -ray burst selected star-forming galaxies

A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on April 21, 2008.

Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute
Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

Prof. Jens Hjorth

Dr. Darach Watson

External Supervisor:
Dr. Javier Gorosabel

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A Spitzer study of γ -ray burst selected star-forming galaxies

The detection of a gamma ray burst (GRB) is a clear indication that its host galaxy harbours massive star formation, and it is currently under debate how GRB hosts relate to other known populations of star forming galaxies. Multiwavelength photometry can help establish this relation, essential if we are to understand the full range of properties of star forming galaxies at high redshifts and fully exploit the potential of GRBs as probes of cosmic star formation.

I have used Spitzer data to derive the properties (star formation rate, total stellar mass, intrinsic extinction, and physical evolution) of a sample of GRB host galaxies. I found them to be low mass, star forming systems and, when compared to other types of star-forming galaxies, the hosts of GRBs have some of the highest specific star formation rates.

In the course of my presentation I will briefly discuss my methodology and highlight the most important results of my research. I will also give a quick overview of my immediately upcoming projects to further this line of work.

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