Visit by Rosalba Perna – University of Copenhagen

04 May 2009

Visit by Rosalba Perna

Rosalba Perna is visiting DARK 4-7th May. 

Rosalba Perna (Assistant Professor, JILA and Department of Astrophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA) will be a part of the evaluation committee for Dong Xu's PhD thesis defense on 6th May.

Rosalba's main research interests are in Gamma-Ray Bursts and in Neutron Stars. More specifically, in the context of Gamma-Ray Bursts, she studies the effects that the X-ray/UV radiation accompanying them has on the surrounding interstellar medium, as well as the physics of the hyperaccreting disks that provide the underlying GRB power. In the context of Neutron Stars, she works on modeling the spectral and timing properties of highly magnetized stars (magnetars), on constraining the distribution of neutron stars spins at birth, and on the magnetosphere-disk interaction in X-ray binaries.

Other research interests include Gravitational Lensing and foregrounds for Cosmic Microwave background experiments.