Visit by Inger Jørgensen – University of Copenhagen

03 May 2013

Visit by Inger Jørgensen

Inger Jørgensen is visiting DARK from 3-17 May 2013. She is here to collaborate with Andrew Zirm and Sune Toft on joint research projects with data from VLT and Gemini.

Inger is the Head of Science Operations at Gemini North. She obtained her PhD in astronomy from Copenhagen University, Denmark, in 1993. Following a postdoctoral fellowship and a Hubble Fellowship at University of Texas, Austin, she joined Gemini in 1998. Her main research interests are the formation and evolution of galaxies. She currently leads an international research group carrying out an observational study of the stellar populations of galaxies in rich clusters between z=1 and the present using the Gemini Telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope.