Visit by Jure Japelj – University of Copenhagen

22 June 2014

Visit by Jure Japelj

Jure Japelj is visiting DARK from June 22 to 27 2014. He is here to continue his collaboration with the gamma-ray burst (GRB) group and to explore possible long-term options at DARK.

Jure just received his PhD from the University of Ljubljana. His research is focussed on the physics of gamma-ray burst afterglows, especially the early phases, which are more sensitive to the details of the GRB central engine. Jure also intends to use GRB afterglow spectra as probes of the GRB environments, especially the dust content in the host galaxies.

Jure will give a seminar at DARK on the physics of early afterglows, including the recent results on their polarization.