Visit by Antonio de Ugarte Postigo – University of Copenhagen

14 October 2015

Visit by Antonio de Ugarte Postigo

Affiliated DARKer, Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, is visiting from 12 to 20 October 2015. He is here to participate in the SHOALS collaboration meeting led by Dan Perley.

Antonio de Ugarte Postigo

Antonio is currently working at Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía in Granada, Spain. His main research interests are:

  • Gamma-ray bursts: Photometry, spectroscopy, polarimetry and multiband study of GRB afterglows.
  • Astronomical instrumentation for large telescopes: PI of OCTOCAM, proposed for the 10.4m GTC. Responsigle for the simulation, procurement and test of the diffraction gratings for X-shooter spectrograph.
  • Robotic astronomy: Development of hardware and software for robotic observatories.

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