Visit by Brad Gibson – University of Copenhagen

24 August 2015

Visit by Brad Gibson

Brad Gibson is visiting DARK from 24-28 August 2015.

Brad Gibson

Brad is here to collaborate with Arianna Di Cintio and Lise Christensen on linking his chemo-dynamical simulations of disk galaxies with the warm/hot gas coronal abundance observational work at DARK.

Brad is currently a Professor and Director at the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Hull.

His main research field is within:

computational & theoretical astrophysics

  • N-body and hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy formation
  • semi-analytical models of galaxy evolution
  • galactic chemical evolution

observational astronomy

  • high-velocity gas clouds & the Galactic halo
  • age-dating stellar populations
  • the interstellar medium of the Milky Way

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