19 April 2018

Julie Wardlow

Julie Wardlow will meet with DARK members to discuss future collaborations and projects.

She will give a talk Monday 23th at 14:00 in the Dark Lounge entitled:

Unveiling extreme dusty star-formation in the distant Universe

Over the past ~20 years the high-redshift Universe has been increasingly opened to scrutiny at far-infrared wavelengths, where cool dust emission from star-formation dominates. The dusty star-forming galaxies (DSFGs) and submillimeter galaxies (SMGs), selected at these wavelengths likely represent an important, but short-lived phase in the growth of massive galaxies. These DSFGs often have star-formation rates in excess of ~1000 solar masses per year and are confirmed beyond z~6, although their redshifts and high dust contents make them faint and difficult to study at other wavelengths. Using data from ALMA and other leading facilities I will present results probing their nature and the triggering mechanisms of their immense star-formation rates.